I am proud of my track record of success for my clients. A client often feels lost and scared in the unfamiliar criminal court system. My goal is not only to represent the client zealously, but also to have the client feel comfortable with and knowledgeable about the decisions they are making in the case. In over 20 years of practicing law, I had numerous occasions where my clients commented on the reduction of their stress and worries after being explained the process of what they will be going through. On many occasions I had clients comment that they felt a mountain had been lifted off of their shoulders once they hired my firm.

As a criminal defense attorney I am acutely aware that the stakes are very high. My clients’ liberties, not just finances, are at stake. Thus, I do not take the approach of having clients sit on the sidelines as passive observers while crucial decisions are being made about their life. Instead, having the client involved in all the relevant decision-making allows the client to feel in control of their case.

Having a lawyer with strong experience in criminal defense can make a great difference in the outcome, while helping you through every stage of the criminal process. If you or someone you know has been charged with a crime, I encourage you to call for a free consultation. Early intervention is critical to our mutual success. To learn more about my firm or for a free consultation please contact me at [email protected] or call 952.545.9065.

Julia Shmidov