“Aggressive Approach, Effective Result”

In Julia Shmidov’s firm, an aggressive approach is not being a “bull in a china shop.” Rather, it means quickly gathering information, thoroughly evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of both sides, and putting together a successful course of action for negotiation and trial by utilizing the strength of the client’s case against the shortfalls of the prosecution’s case.

Ms. Shmidov requests “discovery” prior to the first court appearance so the client’s case could be presented solidly from the start. However, solid preparation alone does not win the case. Knowing different alternatives and having the experience and knowledge of how to reach them successfully is crucial. Ms. Shmidov’s experience as a defense attorney as well as a prosecutor provides this advantage to her clients.

Ms. Shmidov believes that criminal defense is not an exact science. Though practicing under the same rules of law, each attorney brings a very different approach, experience and knowledge to their case. Though Ms. Shmidov’s experience and knowledge in the criminal defense field has greatly contributed to her clients’ success, her clients’ satisfaction with her services and the resolution of their cases is also based on her firm’s strong commitment to education.