Recent Victories


Ms. Shmidov negotiated a stay of adjudication for a client charged with Driving After Cancellation-IPS (Gross Misdemeanor) which kept a conviction off of his record

Ms. Shmidov achieved a jury acquittal on all counts for 2 charges of 2nd degree DWI (Gross Misdemeanors). Ms. Shmidov presented a necessity defense and the win not only kept these crimes from the client 's conviction record, but also eliminated jail, STS, and fines that the client would have received if convicted. In addition, the forfeiture of the client’s vehicle was rescinded.

Ms. Shmidov won a jury trial (acquittal on all counts) on 2 charges of Felony DWI for her client, challenging both, the elements of the crimes as well as presenting a post-driving consumption defense. If convicted, the client, according to the sentencing guidelines, would have served 180 days in jail, 5 years probation, and a fine. Ms. Shmidov's win kept her client out of jail, eliminated fines, and got his vehicle as well as his license back.

Ms. Shmidov successfully argued a dismissal of a probation violation for lack of probable cause where her client was accused of violating a no-use condition of his sentence while being on probation for a DWI.

Ms. Shmidov achieved a dismissal for a client charged with harassing phone calls. She successfully argued lack of probably cause and was able to have the case dismissed at the pre-trial hearing.